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Урок английского языка на тему "Моя Карелия"

Before the revolution of 1917 there were about 15 Temples in Petrozavodsk. Now there are two acting Greek Ortodox Temples in tho capital. The Crestovozdvizhensky Cathedral is the main temple of the eparchy (Pravda street, Zaretskoye Cemetery). It was built in 1852.

St. Greatmartyr Ecaterina Church (Neglinskoye Cemetery) was built in 1877.

The building of the Musical and Russian Drama Theatre is located not very far from the river mouth. It was constructed instead of the explored Cathedral in 1936. (St. Duhovsky Cathedral was built in 1872).

The central streets – Lenin and Karl Marx had the names – Borodinskaya and Mariinskaya. There are no old buildings in these streets. The buildings of the central part of the city present the architecture of 40-50-th years of our century. You can see the historical buildings along Levashovsky Boulevard (now it has the name of Karl Libkneht and Rosa Luxemburg). The typical wooden houses of the end of 19 and the beginning of the 20-th centuries are situated there.

Kivach. The beauty of Kivach was celebrated by G. Derzhavin and F. Glinka. The greatest European waterfall is not so grandious now, but is still remains fine. A large part of the territory of the preserve is occupied with majesty forests.

I. Kizhi. Island is the unique gem of Karelia, monument of the world-sence. It is under the protection of UNESCO now.

The most significant sight of Kizhi Preserve is the Preobrazhenskaya Church. It was constructed by master Nestor in 1714.

Next to this summer church there is the Pokrovskaya Church built half a century later as a winter one. The bell-tower was constructed by the peasant Sysoy Osipov in 1874.
It terminated the Pogost Ensemble.

II. Kizhi. Historical, architectural and Ethnografical Museum Preserve of Kizhi is one of the first Museums under the sky-roof, organised in our country. Many wooden buildings from the surroundings and distant villages are collected on the island. The Chapel of St. Lazarus (1390) is the ancientest wooden building in Russia. It was the part of the Muromcky Choister.

III. Kizhi. The former includes peasant houses, granaries, theshing barns, windmills, bath houses and etc.
Splendid buildings coupled with wonderful scenery of the island make unforgettable impression. Neither films nor photoes can reproduce it.

One can floating «Kizhi» Restaurant, kiosks with books souvenirs on the main wharf.

You may purchase everything you like both in roubles or in Foreign currency.